Difference between shark and dolphin swimming | Shark vs dolphin

Shark moves left and right when it swim but dolphins goes up and down when it swims. Why the difference?

* When you compare shark with other fishes, it uses vertical tail like other fishes in water to move right or left or to move fast, it uses its tail But, whales and dolphin has its tail in horizontal and they look moving up and down The main reason for this is Evolution All the animals in water needs vertical movement to swim. that is Difference between shark and dolphin swimming.

* But animals which came from land like seagull If you look animals from the land to the sea, due to the evolution and also due to their bone structure they had the up and down hip movement due to this their tail movement is also horizontal movement so, whales and dolphins has been survived in the land before and walked with 4 legs but it slowly changed like sea gull and it entered into water to survive.

* Only because of their bone structure change they have the tails which looks like horizontal and it helps for their movement, so because of this they move in water up and down but the creatures which was created and survived in the water has vertical movement in their tail and they move sideways.

Shark vs dolphin

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