Is the lion king really? | The Lion King facts

Is the lion king really? | The Lion King facts

Humans only kept name for all before that no one has called as plants, shrubs, trees, birds, animals etc human was created last and he has given the name for all yes that is true.

We say the king of Jungle as "Lion" no lion has told that or other animals has told that Only humans declared "Lion" as King of Jungle in the first place.

Why did he tell?

First thing "Whether Lions live in Jungle?" Tiger live in Jungle but where Lion lives? Yes, Lion will not live in Jungle then how it can be called as King of Jungle? where the lion resides Yes, lions will not live in jungle only tigers live but Lions live in open space which is called as Grassland or savanna So, lions will live in such places only Right from olden days, Lions has been compared with "Majestic" this is followed by Greeks, Egyptians.

Tamil temples we have a thing named "Singamugayali". so where ever they want to make things majestic they used the word lions Even our Indian national emblem has Lion on it. It is not only in India, UK, Netherland, Belgium and in my countries Lions image are mostly used Okay, lions don't live in Jungle and it is not the king but still why they say Lion as King in common It is because of its Look and attitude, First let us speak about Look You can see the hair(mane) which is on the Lions face it will looks like a crown to its face also looks like a shield and crown kept on head this gives the lion a kings look if you look the lion without the mane it will  look lean but with the mane it will look big and it will have a royal look. 

* This made a huge difference from other animals and humans attracted towards it also due to the majestic and royal look so humans started to see lions as king.

Line Roaring

Roaring of the lion is most frightening when compared with all other animals. They say during night times, the roaring can be heard to 6 - 7 km's, the true is they live in group In the group, the male lion will be the leader the female lions and the cub will follow. They together called as Pride.
* Pride of Lions means it is a group of lions and they live in groups In this group, the male lion has lots of respect only after the male lions eats the other female lions will eat because all give this much of respect.

* They should have called it as a King Only female lions will hunt for food and bring it home male lion will eat that food and it's main work is to guard the pride specifically the cubs. so if you see the male lions they will guard the family when the danger comes to the pride. That is their work. Lions will not live in hidden places they will live in open places. so they are called as "Risk Takers".

* The will face their enemies face-to-face Also, in jungle tigers, leopards will attack hiding and easily find their food but lions are different, they attack straightly. Another character of lion, it is not afraid to others. so it will handle majestically in front of other animals It will hunt only if it is hungry. If it is not hungry, it will not hunt a deer which is going near to it. so it's character is different from other animals also the majestic look which made humans to tell Lion as King of Jungle.

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