Why astrology is wrong | Astrology and science

Astrology and science

Why astrology is wrong| Astrology and science

Astrology and science, Why astrology is wrong, Science says nine planets and nine planets say in the horoscope there are many differences, according to science the solar system has a heliocentric Theory to orbit all nine planets centered around the sun, while the navagraha is the geocentric Theory to orbit all the nine planets centered on the earth. Videos.

9 planets in the horoscope

* There are 9 planets in the horoscope which are said to be a planet in Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, but according to science the sun is a star, the moon is also said to be a planet in the horoscope, but according to science, the moon is the earth's satellite, rahu and these are both called shadow planets, i.e. special planet but according to science rahu-ketu are not planets and stars, Astrology and science. ( For Tamil )

Astrology and science

Saturn shift

* One year is the year when a planet orbits itself and orbits the sun, and our earth takes 365 days to orbit the sun once, and the first day of these 365 days is the day when the earth orbits the sun around the same place, which will take 85 days for mercury to orbit the sun completely, and Saturn will take 30 years to orbit the sun. This thirty year will take 2.5 years if it is divided into nine zodiac signs, and saturn takes 2.5 years for each phase to travel in the zodiac. This is called Saturn shift.

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