Can we bring back the Dinosaurs whichwas eradicated?

Can we bring back the Dinosaurs which was eradicated?

Will the dinosaurs come back?

Will the dinosaurs come back? To bring back the dinosaurs, we need to follow Genome editing It is noting but editing the genes and bring back the life so we need a gene now.

Do we have the dinosaurs gene now?

* Will the dinosaurs come back? In the year 1993, in a resin a mosquito which lived during dinosaur period was found with blood in it in such resin we got the samples and they found in 1993. even you have seen this in the Jurassic park movie that they have created dinosaurs using the blood samples from the mosquito, but practically it is very difficult and cannot be don.

Will the dinosaurs come back?

The reason is the life of a gene is 521 years only. In the 521 years, the gene will lose its half of the life and the remaining half only be there In the next 521 years, the next half will be lost So, in the next 521 years it will be only quarter life so, to have a gene of a dinosaur which was lived before 6 crore years. It is rare and difficult If you ask me whether genes can be present after 521 years? Yes, miraculously they have found out a gene belonging to a creature which is Eight Lakh years old It was so miracle that how the DNA (gene) survived for 8 lakh years, How ever, the gene was not in full form it was partially damaged itself.


* But 8 lakh years is a very big thing Normally, if you look the bones of a died creature it has bone marrow inside the bone which will be tissues inside so if we have that tissues.which are formed by proteins with that proteins we can take tissue of the gene Even if we get the bones of dinosaur now, since it is more lake year old, surviving of the genes inside it is difficult. Even if we get the gene now, we cannot exactly create dinosaurs now but we can try to create some creatures which will look like dinosaur however with the current science technology (2020) it is not possible might in future it would.

* What can we try with the current science technology is Reverse Engineering An experiment like this was carried in Harvard university They tried to edit the human gene and bring the old human beings they gave explanation and the cost of the project,  Birds has been evolved from dinosaurs in these years if you remove the feathers of a cock or ostrich and if you see them they look like dinosaurs so if you would perform reverse engineering in such creatures and if you modify their genes in reverse and move it like in olden days then we can create Dinosaur so instead of creating dinosaur from the gene of the dinosaur.

Reverse Engineering

So all the birds which we see now-a-days if we reverse their gene we can create creatures resembling dinosaur character if we change the leg shape, hands instead of feather, teeth in mouth etc.. then we have a chance to change our hen and ostrich to dinosaurs but there is one question if Why Will the dinosaurs come back? we create dinosaur where we will let it to live? in somebodies home or in forest?

Will dinosaurs come back in 2050

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