What is this hypnagogic jerk ? | hypnagogic jerk

What is this hypnagogic jerk ? It is when you start to sleep and eyes are closing you will awaken suddenly, You will experience a jerk.

hypnagogic jerk

Why this jerk is happening?

It is because all our muscles in our body is getting relaxed when we lie in bed but our brain will not reduce the conscious and keep watching, so when all your muscles are relaxed the brain will frighten us in this time.

What is this hypnagogic jerk ?

Hypnagogic jerk It will frighten like you are going to slip and fall For example when we slip while walking we balance ourselves holding something when we are conscious, Same during Sleep our brain will alert us stating we are still walking and we don't have balance and it tries to save us consciously For this it will send huge signals to the body, and it make our muscles to react You would have experienced this at least once in your life time like you are going to fall suddenly while sleeping or you are going to slip from bed else falling from a highest point this is nothing but brain is trying to caution us Even this is like a self defence activity of the brain.

hypnagogic jerk

If you have experienced this Jerk in your life time at least once then mention it in the comment section so that I can know. More

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