How your earphone works?

How does the TV work without wires in between it and the remote.

Actually the remote was introduced only in 1950's. Remotes were introduced with wires. People need not go near the TV to change the channel and they could do it from the place they were sitting. Later in 1955 the concept of changing channel with ultra sound was introduced.

It was followed from 1955 to 1960 and then till 1965. While changing channel a sound like clicking a computer mouse would be heard while using the ultra sound remote. Later in the 70's, the infra red remote that we use in today was introduced.

We need not get deeper into the working of this remote, we can understand it better, by using a small torch light. just as we see light from a torch, the remote also emits infra red light waves while we press a key on the remote.

We cannot see this infra red light with our naked eye and can only be seen through our mobile phone or while recording with a camera. The light wave has a wide range, since the infra red is below the visible spectrum we would not able to see it.

We would able to see it through our mobile phone cameras or video cameras. The method of changing our way of communication to machine understandable language, for example, Morse code is art of changing dots and dashes into a language that we know alphabets and numbers.

Similarly machines understand only the binary language 0's and 1's. When we press a button on the remote, it converts it to an electrical signal in binary form with the power source from the batteries and transmits it to the TV in infra red form.

The TV receives this signal and decodes it. The process in the remote is encoding the signal and the process in the TV is called decoding. If the signal received is 110 the TV would understand it as 6 and change it to 6th channel. 

Every time we press a button on the remote this process happens and the TV would change the corresponding channel.

How does different products work uniquely without mixing up the signals?

It is achieved because when the signal is transmitted the product and the device ID also get transmitted and the receiver would work only if the signals match. More..

How your earphone works? 

How sound is produced in the head phones.

Before we look into the working of the earphones, let us see the how to we hear sounds. We hear the sound as sound waves. When we strike an object against the other, there is a vibration formed that vibration creates a wave.

that wave reaches the ear and small bones along with the ear drum vibrates along with the wave and transmits the signal to the brain. Let us what is inside a speaker or an earphone. An earphone has a small speaker in it. A small or all speakers work using electromagnetic wave concept.

Let us see its working. I will try to explain with the things I have. Let us assume we have a magnetised spoon and a normal spoon. When we wind a coil around a conductor and pass electricity into the coil, the conductor becomes a magnet.

Two magnets attract or repel each other based on the polarity. Same poles repel each other while opposite poles attract each other.

The attraction and repulsion of magnets can be decided based on the direction of the current flowing into the coil. When we plug in the earphone jack into the mobile phone or laptop, an electrical signal for the song goes to the earphone.

The other end is would around the conductor and is magnetized based on the electrical signal of the song. One end of the wire is connected to the mobile phone or laptop and the other end is connected to the coil wound around the metal.

When we have connected to the mobile phone or laptop, the electric signal turns the metal into a magnet. The metal is magnetised and demagnetised based on the fluctuations of the electric current.

Based on the current flow the metal turns into north and south pole and attracts itself and repels itself with the permanent magnet. This attraction and repulsion based on the signal received creates a vibration.

This fluctuations create the sound waves corresponding to the voice or the music instrument and even the minute sound details are reproduced and thus we hear the music and voice.

We would have seen the round speaker right?

It would have a fabric material attached to the temporary magnet and when the temporary magnet vibrates, the fabric material also vibrates and produces the corresponding sound waves.

In short, the speaker converts the fluctuating electrical signal into sound waves which is audible to our ears. More...

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