what is the largest prime number?

Can we display M51 in a screen?

Why this cannot be divided? 


Let see an example A prime number is said like a number which is divisible by the same number or by 1 apart from these it cannot be divisible by other numbers. This is prime number.

Why a number is divisible by 1 and by same number?

You will get a question now. If you say it cannot be divided or separated then how it can be divisible by 1 and the same number and not by rest of numbers.

Then it is called as Prime numbers. Why so?

1st Reason, We cannot divide anything by 1.

Because, divide/separate means it should be 2 part or more. So dividing by 1 is not at all dividing For example, take one fruit give to one person and say you divide and eat He doesn't need to divide since no others are there So, leave the number 1

Why it can be divisible by the same number?

If we give 5 apples to 5 persons and say divide and eat and 100 apples to 100 persons is also easy even if we give 1987 apples to 1987 persons it is also easy when both the numbers match they is no need of divide/separate. Since it is a easy task leave that also. Since, 1 and same number can be divided easily we keep these numbers aside and if they are divided by other numbers then it is Paku eṇ and if not then it is Pakā eṇ [Prime number]

As I told earlier, the number 1 is not used for divide/separate so leave the number 1 Start from 2 If you consider number 2 can be divided by 1 and 2 only Apart from these no other numbers can divide 2. It is not possible. So, it is a prime number.

Next 3. It is also the same, it can be divided by 3 and 1 only. Apart from these no other numbers that can divide. It is not possible. So, 3 is a prime number.

Next 4. It can be divided by number 4 and 1. Leave that. Can we divide it with any other numbers? Yes It is divisible by 2. So, it is not a prime number. So, you can see the prime numbers from 1 to 100.

What is this M51?

In this "M" means Mersenne, The word Mersenne was given in remembrance of a french mathematician Marin Mersenne who lived during 1600. Then, the normal prime numbers like 2,3,5,7,11,13 will be continuing in one side. 

Next, if you think about Mersenne prime numbers is 2 to the power of (m-1). So, number emerged out of this formula is called as  Mersenne prime numbers.

So, the number which was found using this formula highly and found some very big prime numbers. Overall in the world only 51 prime numbers are found. 

These prime numbers are got by using the formula but there might be more prime numbers between 9 and 50 and also more prime numbers between 50 and 51 So, we use this formula to find the largest prime number but in-between there are more prime numbers.

The concept of M1, M2 was started in B.C 500 and it was continuous. But, only in year 1996 it came to a peak and then it grow fast and now it is finished at M51.

What is the reason for this?

After the introduction of computers, from year 1996 they started to find it with the use of computers . Before that, they found it by manual calculation So, in 60's and 70's they have reached 6000, 7000 digits i.e., they found prime numbers which has  6000, 7000 digits.

So, if someone finds a prime number with 6000/7000 digits to find the next number they have to write it manually think how difficult to do it manually. When everyone was writing 6000 & 7000 digits computer was introduced.

In the year 1996, they started GIMPS foundation It is nothing but Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search. It is a collaborative project started by volunteers so that everyone can work together and they found a software.

After the software introduced in 1996, the finding of greatest prime number moved fast and the digits started to increase huge. M1, M2 and stopped a long time in M36 and within 20 years we have reached M51.

It is all because of this software After GIMPS, prime numbers with 6000/7000 digits has moved to lakh and lakh digits easily. Now, the biggest prime number M51 which we have has totally 2 crore 32 lakh 49 thousand 425 digits.

Is it possible to display in computer?

So, to display the numbers like M51, it will take many hours and days. In the future, they say it will be more faster due to Quantum Mechanics.

What are they going to do by finding this largest prime number?

What is the use? You will have these questions. It is not able to say that it have huge use but we have a eager of finding what is next like which is biggest.

But, this is also used in real time. in cryptography, encryption, encode, decode which is used in security and safety methods.

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